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You need more than a funnel to grow your business on TikTok [Video]

You need more than a funnel to grow your business on TikTok

A funnel is a lead-generating system that makes money for your business on auto-pilot. However, it needs the support of “marketing” on profitable platforms to make sales.

The concept is simple! Build a funnel and start marketing your business where your target audience is most active.

With a 45% increase in user growth, TikTok is rising by leaps and bounds. Due to this, it has become the #1 Marketing platform in 2022.

You won’t believe it, but 20.83% of 5 Billion internet users and 22.32% of 4.65 Billion active social media users daily consume content on TikTok.

On top of it, businesses on TikTok are blessed with over 118% of organic reach which helps them to reach their ideal clients much easier and faster.

That means with a “strategic marketing funnel and edutaining content”, you can drive a massive amount of traffic, hence, lucrative leads & sales for your business on TikTok.

In this video, I have covered core concepts of the funnel (especially for newbies) and unpacked what else the marketing funnel needs to grow your business on TikTok.

00:00 – Welcome to the 1-hour insightful session
02:23 – What is a funnel and how does exactly it work? [Goldmine for newbies]
11:02 – Why funnel is MUST for businesses? [Explained my successful marketing funnel]
17:39 – Why do businesses struggle in marketing their products/services?
19:13 – How did I implement the full-fledge marketing funnel for my business on TikTok?
22:07 – Why all social media marketing platforms have mirrored TikTok?
24:00 – Don’t wait for the perfect time, be the early adapter to grow your business.
26:05 – Why do people find TikTok scary? [Important – Demystifying the myths]
34:33 – What is special inside the Monetize the Tok Mastermind Program?
44:00 – Something deep about life that everyone forgets while hustling to make money.
47:47 – How did one of my friends make $100,000 from a single TikTok Video?
48:55 – Quick Questionnaire Session on TikTok in general

Hope I have been able to give you a fair idea of how a complete marketing funnel system on TikTok generates “recurring” revenue for your business model.

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