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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Workplace Realities: Disclosing Physical and Mental Health Disabilities [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

Workplace Realities: Disclosing Physical and Mental Health Disabilities

Our documentary delves into the critical theme of disclosing disabilities in the workplace, focusing on the journey of employees at Cadmus, a leader in fostering an inclusive environment. This film highlights the pivotal moments of realizing, accepting, and disclosing various disabilities to employers. The significance of disclosing disabilities becomes apparent as we follow Lex’s journey of self-realization and advocacy. She moves from concealing her OCD to openly communicating her needs, exemplifying the courage and importance of disclosing disabilities in a professional setting.

The heart of the documentary features a roundtable discussion with Lex, Devin, and Josh. Here, they share diverse experiences of disabilities and the transformative power of workplace accommodations and universal design, particularly following the act of disclosing disabilities. Devin’s narrative further demonstrates the positive outcomes that can follow the disclosure of disabilities, showing how understanding and accommodations significantly improve employee well-being.

Josh, from his unique perspective as an empathetic employer, emphasizes the importance of a workplace culture that not only encourages but also supports employees in disclosing disabilities and mental health challenges. The documentary concludes with a powerful message about the complexity of disabilities, underscoring the crucial role of mental health disclosures, and highlighting the immense value of support and accommodation in the workplace. This narrative reinforces the importance of empathy, understanding, and proactive inclusivity in professional settings, especially in the context of disclosing disabilities.

Directed by Melissa Panzer
Produced by Stephanie Tobey

00:00 Disclosing Disabilities Intro
00:22 Lex Huth Story
01:20 Disclosing Bipolar Disorder
02:25 Mental Health Stigma
03:14 Substance Use Disorder
04:09 Hiding OCD Disability
04:29 Reasons for Not Disclosing
04:46 Claiming My Disability
05:22 Asking for Help

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