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Work Without Limits: Inclusion that Encompasses People with Disabilities [Video]

Work Without Limits: Inclusion that Encompasses People with Disabilities

In this episode of “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with Bonnie Rivers, Director of Employer Relations for Work Without Limits at UMass Chan Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine. With one in four adults in the US living with a disability, what can business leaders do to support their success?

With so many organizations increasing their focus on inclusion and diversity, many are looking to find ways to better support employees with disabilities. Bonnie and the team at Work Without Limits provide training and consulting services to help build the capacity of employers, employment service providers, state agency personnel, and educational institutions in advancing workplace disability inclusion. Bonnie will discuss how their programs work, the training programs they offer, how to address neurodiversity in the workplace, and much more. Tune in and learn how you can support a more diverse workplace that thrives without limits.

About Work Without Limits: Work Without Limits is an initiative of Commonwealth Medicine, the consulting and operations division of UMass Chan Medical School. Their goal is to position Massachusetts as the first state in the nation where the employment rate of people with disabilities is equal to people without disabilities.

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