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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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WhyNot ShowLove? Fun Raiser Description [Video]

Marketing for Minority Owned Businesses

WhyNot ShowLove? Fun Raiser Description


This is “Y?” I am an interdisciplinary Artivist (artist + activist) WhyNotShowLove), educator and entrepreneur from Queens, NYC. In 2012 I founded Creative Expressions (MBE Certified and DOE Vendor arts organization) utilizing the arts as a tool for change creating platforms for creative expression.

I have been onboarded to travel to Berlin this fall with a group of 9 local artists as a music/ artistic director for a cultural exchange program and will be traveling Europe from 10/1 until 11/5 to:

Support 20+ emerging NYC & Berlin base creatives.
Work with The HipHop ReEducation Project and Gangway
Create opportunities for myself as an Artist & Facilitator
Create opportunities for Creative Expressions Artivist.
Network with Organizations, Individuals and communities using art as tool for liberation
Facilitate events, performance, and workshops in both NYC & Berlin

I looking for financial support to:
Travel to and inside Europe, cover food and lodging.
Transport music/ recording equipment from NYC.
Pay myself living wages for my community work
Support the NYC Team in Berlin/ Europe.
Cover my NYC living costs (Rent/ Utilities) while I travel.
Recording, Rehearsal Studio costs.
Pay for additional expenses ex: international Phone Plan
Relaunching & updating the WhyNotShowLove and Creative Expressions websites.
Continue Releasing Music, Videos, Books, Merch and other innovative products & services.
Host online courses and build an online community for creatives to expand and network.
Purchase equipment for music production, live streaming, events, and recording.
Hire Professional administrative and marketing staff to grow and develop Creative Expressions / Show Love Productions.

What has Y? & Creative Expressions done thus far?

Built the Creative Expressions teaching roster to over 30 Artivists.
Certified as an MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise)
Created “Show Love Productions” (interdisciplinary productions company).
Partnered with local venues to provide free / donation based events.
Provide Music programming for schools, institutions, businesses and individuals.
Developed “Don’t Take it for Granted,” a grant writing course for creatives and small business owners.
Consistently performing, composing, recording producing events for myself and others.
Provided Professional Development and perform for over 500 Music Educators with Music Will
Developed Music curriculum and workshops for the Department of Education and Nonprofits.
Provide Professional Development for Artists and Educators.
Curate Music events / Performances to support Mental Health.
Hosted 39 Bi-weekly Networks & Build Free Zoom Sessions for creatives.

Can’t donate but still want to help? Here are several ways you can assist us in becoming the change we are looking for in our rapidly evolving society.

Share my EPK with anyone who would like to hire me for my services:

Y? Press Kit

Volunteer at our events by contacting us.
Share this campaign and events via email, social media or text.
Hire or refer Creative Expressions to provide our services to individuals, businesses and organizations.
Hire or refer “Show Love Productions” to produce, stream, and curate your next event or creative project.
Become a part of the Creative Expressions roster or Show Love Production Team!
Join our Group Chat on Instagram and/ or our FREE Bi-weekly Zoom sessions.
Follow us on Social Media WhyNotShowLove Creative_Expressions_inc (IG)
Subscribe to my YouTube YouTube to help monetize @1K
Follow the WhyNotShowLove? Twitch 50 Followers needed to monetize.
Set up a Free consultation to see how we can build together and manifest our vision.

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