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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Who is Dr. Sanjay Tolani? [Video]

Generational Wealth

Who is Dr. Sanjay Tolani?

Dr. Sanjay Tolani, a living legend in the financial services industry, is renowned for his Tolani Flow® strategies that have revolutionized estate planning for the global affluent. With a focus on inter-generational wealth planning, he has adeptly managed assets exceeding $25 billion and saved clients over $5 billion in taxes and fees through innovative tax optimization strategies. As the founder of Tolani Flow®, Dr. Tolani’s client-centric approach has led to the creation of bespoke solutions for over 50 high net worth families, making a lasting impact on their financial legacies.

🎓 Educational:
Dr. Tolani holds a Ph.D in Finance, multiple degrees in banking, finance, risk management, and actuarial science. He has earned several professional certificates, including the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) and the Certified Finance Professional (CFP, Canada).

🔗 Directorships & Affiliations:
Dr. Tolani has held multiple sovereign and corporate directorships. His appointment also included institutional directorships which are serving supranational financial services companies, multinational educational enterprises and faith-based and nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Tolani is committed to giving back to the community and supporting global philanthropic efforts. He supported Pearl Foundation in China, Million Dollar Round Table Foundation (USA) and Goodwill Charitable Foundation.

📚 International Author, Speaker & Mentor:
Dr. Tolani’s passion for simplifying financial planning has made him a global speaker, author of 13 financial books, and mentor to 100K+ professionals. He’s been featured in media across UAE, North America, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia for his work.

His personal references comprise individuals who have held these positions:
✅CEO’s of several multinational corporation, who relied on his advice to structure complex cross-border transactions and manage their personal investments.
✅Prominent members of parliament, who sought his counsel on tax planning and compliance legislation.
✅The patriarch of several wealthy families have engaged him to design comprehensive estate plan which ensure tax efficiency for multiple generations and protect their assets.
✅Many successful entrepreneurs, have worked closely with him to develop a customized investment portfolio and implemented succession planning strategies.
✅Multiple startup and venture capitalist funds have turned to him for guidance on equity compensation plans, fundraising strategies, and exit or succession planning.

📧 Let’s Connect: [email protected]

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