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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Where Jamaican Jerk meets Swahili Spice: World Refugee Day celebrates 20 years [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

“I grew up with a lot of Islamophobic remarks and even anti-black remarks, but I’m proud of who I am and I try not to let that bother me,” said 19-year-old Gudon Abdi, who lives in Utah.

Abdi’s family fled from war-torn Somalia before she was born. She came to World Refugee Day at Big Cottonwood Park on Friday evening sporting a stunning turquoise green Somali Baati Dress with symmetrical sun patterns.

“I’ve come here like, I think four years in a row at this point,” she said. “I love seeing the different cultures and just how they all come together.”

World Refugee Day is an annual celebration that features the diverse refugee communities in Utah. The event includes food trucks, water slides and concerts that showcase the different cultures. This year’s two-day event, held on Friday and Saturday, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“What you’ll see is a representation of …

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