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Video Production Marketing For Local Orlando Florida Businesses | 407-986-0913 [Video]

Video Production Marketing For Local Orlando Florida Businesses | 407-986-0913

Video Production Marketing For Local Orlando Florida Businesses | 407-986-0913

Video production marketing for local Orlando Florida businesses was recently used by Studio Nine 13. This was done for Yelp’s celebration of Black History Month sponsored by US Bank and Elavon to highlight these business owners.

Anna, the Yelp Orlando Community manager said in continuation of celebrating Black History Month we are excited to be highlighting these fantastic local businesses in Orlando, FL. Streetwise Urban Food in Orlando, FL is owned by Stenza & Pierre. Then we have Major’s Project Pop in Orlando, FL owned by Major, and Gou-oui in Orlando, FL owned by Michelle Canton.

Studio Nine 13 was hired to film, produce, and edit this coverage of these deserving businesses through video production marketing. We met with each business owner in their establishment and filmed the best of what they do and represent.

The goal of creating video production marketing is to highlight the products and services of the business. With this project, we showcased the owners and where they came from and their goals for the future. We hope you enjoyed this video production marketing for local Orlando Florida businesses.

If you need a video production company, Studio Nine 13 can help you with all of your video production and marketing needs. The Studio Nine 13 team has this process down to the most minute of details. We know how to shoot a promotional video that highlights the best of what you do and helps your company achieve its business goals.

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