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The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Unpacking Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in Nova Scotia’s Skilled Trades (recorded March 8, ’24) [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

Unpacking Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in Nova Scotia’s Skilled Trades (recorded March 8, ’24)

In this panel discussion with Stephanie Gill, Robert Wright, Stephen Law, and Dr. Dana Kabat-Farr we unpack the findings of the YWCA Halifax’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in the Skilled Trades: Key Findings Report.

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In this webinar we explore the topic of hypermasculine workplace culture and its role in sexual and gender-based harassment. We also address the misconception that merely boosting the presence of women and gender-diverse individuals in the skilled trades is sufficient to end sexual and gender-based harassment in the industry. And we explore the role of men in promoting gender justice and strategies for tangible transformation.

About the panelists:
Stephanie Gill (she/her) is the coordinator of the YWCA Halifax sexual and gender-based harassment in skilled trades project. She has been involved in anti-sexualized violence work for 10 years through activism, education, and professional roles and is a registered social worker candidate with the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. Her social work practice is grounded in love and the belief that we can create a future where everyone has everything that they need to live a good life.

Robert Seymour Wright (he/him) is a Social Worker and Sociologist whose 34-year career has spanned the fields of education, child welfare, forensic mental health, trauma, sexual violence, and cultural competence. Robert was raised in the Black Baptist tradition but was baptized in the Adventist Church at the age of 13. Like James Baldwin, he began preaching at 14. His pioneering work with colleagues in cultural competence and conducting cultural assessments has received national attention. His extensive pro bono work gave birth to The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic, a non-profit mental health clinic, which he serves as the Executive Director. Robert also serves as the acting Executive Director of the African Nova Scotian Justice Institute.

Stephen Law (he/him) is a father to two teenage girls. He is a facilitator, trainer and executive coach who designed and delivered the Shift Change – Gender Inclusion Leadership Course which supports male supervisors to understand and act on transforming the trades to be more inclusive, equitable and diverse. He is an internationally certified mediation coach in Dialogue for Peaceful Change and is an organizational change consultant who has worked in Northern Ireland, India, Latin America and across North America. He has written two novels, Tailings of Warren Peace (2013) and Under Her Skin (2017).

Dana Kabat-Farr, PhD (she/her) is a Professor in the Leadership and Organizations Department of the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University. Her research focuses on workplace social experiences – both negative (incivility, sexual harassment) and positive (citizenship, supervisor support). Dr. Kabat-Farr conducts her academic work with the goal of shedding light on the social landscapes of organizations that can insidiously erode diversity and inclusion by undermining employees’ success and satisfaction. Her work has been published in outlets such as Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and Harvard Business Review. She provides her scholarly expertise to organizational investigations of harassment, respectful workplace initiatives, and development of evidence-based anti-harassment policies.

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