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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Transgender Day of Remembrance: Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett [Video]

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According to the Human Rights Campaign, there have been 26 documented transgender people killed in 2023.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Monday is Transgender Day of Remembrance, which started in 1999 as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett, two Black transgender women who were murdered in the 90s. 

Since then, communities across the country have honored the day each Nov. 20.

However, they say it should be noted that the number is likely much higher as many crimes against transgender people are misreported, underreported or not reported at all.

That’s why local activists believe it’s vital to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance.

“Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day that we get to remember and honor all of the trans people we’ve lost to violence,” said Sophia Stone, a Des Moines transgender activist. 

For Stone, remembering and honoring also means speaking and acting, using her voice to bring awareness about violence against transgender people …

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