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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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This Role Model Champions Crowdfunding for Latina Entrepreneurs – Irma Sanchez, Coca-Cola [Video]

Latino Entrepreneurs

This Role Model Champions Crowdfunding for Latina Entrepreneurs – Irma Sanchez, Coca-Cola

With Sponsorship From Coca-Cola, Irma Sanchez Works to Empower Women Entrepreneurs in the Hispanic Community with Fundraising Skills for Regulated Investment Crowdfunding

AI Episode Summary

1. Devin welcomes Irma Sánchez and expresses gratitude for her presence. Irma thanks Devin for the opportunity and considers it an honor to be there.

2. Irma discusses her partnership with Coca-Cola, which sponsors educational programs for Latina entrepreneurs, helping them transform their businesses, access credit, and reach investors.

3. She is actively involved with the Latin American Association in Atlanta, providing educational courses and consultancy to teach the Hispanic community about Crowdfunding, a concept previously unfamiliar to many of them.

4. Irma is also working with Acceso Capital Fund to create innovative programs using artificial intelligence and industry leaders in Crowdfunding, like Bill Houston, to generate capital for the Hispanic community.

5. Much of Irma’s work is directed toward empowering Latina women. She collaborates with leaders, including Mónica Cucalón from the Latin American Association and directors from Telemundo, to further educate and support Latino businesses through media and programs.

6. Irma emphasizes using Telemundo as a platform to reach a wider audience, change lives, and transform them through education. They create segments that are broadcast to a broader public.

7. Devin asks Irma to share her personal story. Irma discusses her difficult childhood in Bolivia and Venezuela, losing her father and sister, and learning entrepreneurial skills from her mother. She transformed her painful experiences into a life mission to support entrepreneurial women.

8. Irma sees humility as her superpower, aiding her to empathize with and understand others. She stresses the importance of self-improvement through spiritual and physical activities, such as meditation and yoga, to maintain balance and serve the community better.

9. Irma believes in the potential of the Hispanic community, citing its significant economic impact with a combined buying power of $2.3 trillion. She encourages support for Latina entrepreneurs, stating they significantly contribute to the economy through purchasing power and job creation.

10. Devin mentions that Irma will be participating in the upcoming SuperCrowd24 event on April 17-18, which will include a presentation on Crowdfunding tailored to the Hispanic community. Irma can be contacted on LinkedIn for those interested in her work or partnerships.

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