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The Top 3 Issues for Black America: Financial Freedom, Criminal Justice Reform, and Education Reform [Video]

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The Top 3 Issues for Black America: Financial Freedom, Criminal Justice Reform, and Education Reform

In this episode, Rashad Bilal, Ian Dunlap, and Troy Millings discuss various topics related to the improvement of black America, including the importance of self-improvement before trying to change others. They emphasize the need for the black community to identify and agree upon their collective interests and the changes they want to see in society. The hosts also delve into the top three issues they believe are crucial for black America and discuss potential solutions for these issues.


The conversation begins with the hosts emphasizing the importance of self-improvement. They believe that in order to effectively help others, individuals must first work on improving themselves. It is a fundamental principle that one cannot save anybody until they save themselves.


The hosts highlight the significance of identifying and agreeing upon collective interests within the black community. They stress the need for unity and consensus in order to effectively advocate for change and push for new initiatives and policies.


When asked about the top three issues for black America, Ian Dunlap mentions financial freedom as the first issue. He believes that economic equality is crucial for the progress of the black community. Rashad Bilal adds criminal justice reform and education reform to the list, citing their impact on various aspects of black Americans’ lives.


The hosts engage in a discussion about reparations and the potential challenges associated with it. While Rashad and Ian acknowledge the importance of reparations, they also acknowledge the difficulties in its implementation. They mention the possibility of distributing reparations through monetary compensation, although they recognize the potential consequences it may have on the financial sector.


Rashad Bilal expresses his support for education reform and proposes a solution to the current issue of unequal funding for public schools. He suggests pooling all property tax funds together and dividing them equally among all schools, regardless of the wealth of the surrounding area. This would aim to provide a fair and equal education system for all students.


The hosts discuss the topic of qualification for reparations. They acknowledge that determining who qualifies for reparations can be complicated, especially for those whose ancestry traces back to other countries. They also contemplate the potential challenges in distributing reparations and the implications it may have on various industries.


Ian Dunlap highlights the importance of business development, especially in the tech sector. He emphasizes the need for more representation and integration of black entrepreneurs into Silicon Valley to access the necessary capital for economic growth and financial freedom.


Troy Millings and Ian Dunlap discuss the significance of small business funding and creating scalable businesses. They argue that economic empowerment through entrepreneurship is crucial for having a voice in political initiatives and policies.


The hosts touch upon the idea that classism and wealth inequality are designed to keep a disproportionate amount of people in poverty. They acknowledge this unfortunate reality and the systemic challenges that perpetuate economic disparities.


Rashad Bilal concludes the discussion by emphasizing the need for unity within the black community. He compares certain aspects of society to a caste system and argues that collective action and unity are essential in challenging and changing this system.

In this thought-provoking episode of EYL, Rashad Bilal, Ian Dunlap, and Troy Millings explore various topics related to improving black America. They bring attention to the importance of self-improvement, identifying collective interests, and pushing for change. Through their engaging discussion, they express their ideas and perspectives on reparations, education reform, business development, and the systemic challenges faced by the black community. Overall, the hosts provide valuable insights into the obstacles and potential solutions for the advancement of black America.

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