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The And Project | Lesson 1. Defining Intersectionality [Video]

The And Project | Lesson 1. Defining Intersectionality

The And Project was birthed through the Grand Rapids’ Urban Core Collective (UCC) Transformational Leadership Program which brought together five individuals in a shared pursuit of equity and justice. What started out as a group assignment to bring transformation to our community became a journey of learning, and forming solidarity because of our different yet shared experiences as people of color in our city.

While we all identify as people of color, there are so many other intersections of our identity that shape who we are, how we experience the world, and consequently how the world’s systems and structures treat us. While all five founders are people of color, some of us identify as black and female, black and bi-racial, female and queer, or cisgender male and black. These overlapping pieces of who we are are not represented singularly.

The And Project is the fruit of our shared learning experience, our love letter to diversity and inclusion in our city, with the hope that it will be an accessible starting place for our friends and community to learn about the compounding ways in which identity exists.

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