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“Take only memories, leave only footprints” [Video]

“Take only memories, leave only footprints”

Sue and I love going for a walk, and we regularly make time for that to get away from the noise and busyness of life.
While I was out on a walk recently I was reflecting on the old saying: “Take only memories, leave only footprints”; the idea is to enjoy the countryside while minimising any lasting impact on it.
That got me thinking about the way the world of business has changed in recent years as we seek to minimise any lasting negative impact on our environment in going about our business.
I was struck by the idea that pursuing sustainability in business could be described that way too, and actually, it probably should be described that way.

Then I looked at the Countryside Code and here’s what it says:
– Respect everyone
– Protect the environment
– Enjoy the outdoors
– Know the signs and symbols of the countryside

So, maybe we could define business sustainability as “The Countryside Code for business”!
– Respect everyone – that’s our People
– Protect the environment – that’s our Planet
– Enjoy the outdoors – that’s our Purpose in business
– Know the signs and symbols of the countryside – that’s our Practices, the rules and regulations of doing business

Apparently, the original quote comes from a Native American Chief from the Duwamish Tribe called Chief Seattle. It seems that he was very highly regarded both as a leader and as an ecologist. He used this quote to promote the idea of mutual respect and cooperation between the indigenous Native American people and these newly arrived European settlers.

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Video Diaries#5: A week in the life of a Native American college student [first day back]📚📓✏️ [Video]

Hey guys! Come with me during my first week back at school! It was a very much long week and I already set a goal not to procrastinate this semester (hopefully I stick with it).🌸Business inquiries: [email protected]🌼Socials:🫧insta: @indigenousstargirl🍓pinterest: @sunnybrock🍒tik tok:@poohootwitha🌻Music Used:⭐️lukrembo - this is for you🌟lukrembo- flowers✨lukrembo- animal friends🌷FAQ🌷Name: Sunny Brock 🌞Ethnicity: Indigenous 🪶 B-Day: 18102001 🤙🏽Camera: IR 2.7K+ 2688x1520p high definition 📹