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#tabootalk : Taboo of motherhood in the workplace [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

#tabootalk : Taboo of motherhood in the workplace

Listen to the recording of our ninth edition of #tabootalks where we will be discussing motherhood in the workplace.

Did you know that mothers include ⅓ of American workforce…

But still!!

Nearly half (46%) of mothers are currently seeking therapy.

Seventy percent of moms say they’ve had to make sacrifices in their careers to accommodate their family’s needs, with 50% citing childcare as the reason.

The report found that a lack of flexible work arrangements has led 52% of mothers to consider leaving the workforce or to reduce their hours.

We will be discussing:

1. What are the biases of mothers in the workplace?
2. What is motherhood penalty and some other phenomena and statistics around mothers in workplaces?
3. How can we create more inclusive workplaces for mothers in workplaces?


SOPHIA UFY UKOR is the founder of Violet Simon, a media company that amplifies women’s voices through storytelling, fostering inclusion, equitable equality and a safe space where women’s voices are heard.
She has a 14-year entrepreneurial journey and a background in English, Law, Fashion and PR, and professionally qualified as a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Through her work and collaborations recognised by global platforms like BBC, UN Women UK, Global Citizen, House of Lords, and Forbes, Sophia pioneers safe and inclusive spaces for women. Her collaborations bridge gaps, amplify women’s voices, and drive positive change. Her impactful work has garnered awards and accolades for excellence in media and has seen her recognised as one of the top influential change-makers and inclusion champions making significant impact across the UK.

CHARLIE ROSIER: Co-founder & CEO of Babbu, an award-winning, AI-powered, learning platform for parents with kids under 5 (Techstars ’23). Over the last decade Charlie has built multiple businesses from start-ups to globally recognised, award-winning brands. As a passionate and driven leader, she built teams across numerous markets including; London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Prior to Babbu, Charlie owned and managed Cuckooz Nest – a totally flexible, Pay-As-You-Go nursery with onsite workspace, designed to make childcare more affordable & accessible for working parents. She has driven innovation in the early years education since becoming a mother herself, and is a regular speaker and advocate for mothers, having been featured in multiple publications from Forbes magazine to BBC News.

TENA PICK is a social impact consultant passionate about women empowerment, community development and social impact measurement. She is based in India with extensive experience in the Middle East, Caribbean, Africa and South and Southeast Asia. She is the Founder of Project Kal, a gender leadership academy focusing on dismantling toxic masculinity patterns in India. Project Kal works in prevention of gender-based violence by proactively and intentionally engaging men in the greater conversations around equality. Project Kal’s clients include schools, corporates, universities and social enterprises around India. Project Kal also focuses on policy advisory and thought leadership in the gender and development space. Tena is also co-founder of Parenthesis, a feminist parenting platform.

PETRA SALARIC: is a multiple award-winning researcher, designer, activist, and founder of pstaboo, the first consultancy in the world that specialises in taboos, whose clients include universities across 3 continents, NGOs, startups, and bigger corporates like Nestle. Petra worked for almost 10 years in different areas of design and art, and across 3 continents before specialising in the area of taboos. Petra’s framework of working on taboo topics is currently the only existing framework that guides how to deal with taboos in projects. Petra has collaborated with a number of NGOs, taught in universities, shared her work at conferences, and created a number of projects around the world. Petra is an activist, a UN Women UK delegate, and runs the only existing online abortion support group in Croatia. Currently, Petra is finishing her PhD at Loughborough University, UK.

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