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Should Kids Get An Allowance [Video]

Financial Literacy

Should Kids Get An Allowance

Why and why not should kids get an allowance? There have been many different thoughts about this matter. But, in this video I am going to talk about should kids get an allowance.

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Watch And Enjoy!
Loral Langemeier

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:43 What Kids Can Do Instead Of Just Giving Them An Allowance
01:16 Where Did Allowance Come From
02:06 What Can You Make Your Kids Do As They Get Older
03:24 How Much Upper Teenagers Can Make
03:40 What Is In The New Kids Bank
04:20 Why Should You Never Pay Your Kids An Allowance And What Is Task List
05:01 What Can Your Kids Do To Make More Money
06:18 How Can Kids Use Their Skills To Earn Money
06:57 What Can You Get Your Kids As They Grow
07:34 What Is Bench Watching And How Can You Earn From It
08:06 What Can You Do To Make More Money
08:43 How The Value Of Money Is Taught
09:15 When Does The Value Of Money Start
09:29 What To Do As You Let Your Kids Start Using A Debit Card
10:24 What Can You Do Now

What To Watch Next
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