5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags title=
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

She Will Be Heard The Alliance Of Her amplifies womens voices EURACTIV.com [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

A society where women have equal power and where female leadership is valued is a society that is more open, more inclusive and more prosperous for everyone.

But so often, young women in politics struggle to be heard. This is not right.

To give visibility to the issue, the Alliance Of Her is proud to present its first-ever documentary that shares the stories of Aoife, Katrīna and Elena: three young women from different corners of Europe, all at the beginning of their political journey.

Follow them as each dedicates themselves to disrupting the unjust status quo and dismantling the barriers young women in politics face to claim their seat at the table.

It’s time for their voices to be heard, loud and clear.

You can watch the documentary trailer now. For opportunities to view the documentary in full, visit www.allianceofher.eu.

With over 200 alumnae of our academy programme, The Alliance Of …

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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?