How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Quinnipiac/ConnCORP entrepreneurship grads praise the business program, as organizers search for funding NBC Connecticut [Video]

Generational Wealth

If you ask Bloom owner Alisha Crutchfield what life has been like since she graduated from the Quinnipiac University – ConnCORP entrepreneurship program, she has an easy way to sum it up.

“Crazy busy and amazing in all ways,” Crutchfield said.

She is the owner of a community gathering space, bakery and flower shop called Bloom.

More than a dozen minority, veteran and women business owners went through the nine-month program to help boost their businesses. They learned from Quinnipiac professors and community business leaders about marketing, finance, business planning and applying for grants.

“We recognize that a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs, they have their passion and they’re working in their field, but the backend of things kind of gets a little blurred for them,” said Jahkeeva Morgan, the director of entrepreneurial program trainings at ConnCORP.

“Working with Quinnipiac’s faculty and staff has been simply amazing. Professors from different areas of expertise have given them the content they need to really nail down a …

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