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No Taxes for Black People because of Slavery [Video]

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No Taxes for Black People because of Slavery

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🔍 So now they are trying to make it where black people don’t have to pay #taxes for #reparations for #slavery. Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has introduced new legislation calling for $14 trillion in reparations for #BlackAmericans, in an effort to see the federal government atone for the practice of chattel slavery and hundreds of years of #racist policies that followed. Come on what about all the other races who were slaves. At one point in time every race has been slaves. Are we going to go back and everybody owes everybody. What about Native Americans? Only 390,000 Africans were brought to America as slaves, 12,000,000 Native Americans were slaughtered in a genocide, where’s there reparations??? Or what about the migrants who haven’t been in this country but for a generation or two? They’re supposed to pay too, even though they’re from another part of the world and had absolutely nothing to do with slavery? This happened hundreds of years ago to African Americans. Nothing will ever be enough to settle this debt in their eyes, no matter what anyone does so what’s the point. Morgan Freeman and Candace Owen’s have it right. Morgan said if you want to get over it STOP TALKING ABOUT IT & Candace said do you want to be a victim or a VICTOR? It’s a stain on the country from generations ago. No one alive had anything to do with it. Stop playing the race card and get over yourselves and move on. In many ways African Americans have more opportunities just sitting there waiting to be taken than other races. But it’s not enough because it will never be enough until they stop feeling sorry for themselves and using a centuries old event as a crutch.
First let’s mention that a 2012 survey showed 64% of African Americans use a form of government assistance paid for by tax payers.
Federal & State Programs for African Americans:
* Biden-Harris Administration: President Biden has directed federal agencies to use purchasing power to grow federal contracting with small disadvantaged businesses, including Black-owned businesses.
* Small Business Administration (SBA):
* The SBA offers resources Black-owned businesses. Programs like the Lender Match toolconnect businesses with SBA-approved Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and small lenders3.
* Community Benefit Organizations:
* Collaborate with African American faith-based groups and community benefit organizations to launch campaigns that promote financial literacy and close the equity gap1.
* Education and Scholarships:
* United Negro College Fund (UNCF): Provides scholarships and support to African American students attending historically Black colleges and universities.
* Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF): Supports students attending public HBCUs and advocates for educational equity.
* Business Development and Funding:
* Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA): Offers resources, technical assistance, and funding opportunities for minority-owned businesses.
* National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC): Connects minority-owned businesses with corporate buyers and provides certification.
* Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): Offer counseling, training, and access to capital for small businesses.
* Housing and Homeownership:
* Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program: Assists low-income families with affordable housing.
* Homeownership Assistance Programs: Various state and local programs provide down payment assistance and homebuyer education.
* Community Health Centers: Offer affordable healthcare services in underserved communities.
* Legal Aid and Civil Rights:
* Legal Services Corporation (LSC): Provides legal aid to low-income individuals.
* NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund: Advocates for civil rights and racial justice.
* Financial Assistance and Grants:
*Assistance Program (LIHEAP):
* Entrepreneurship and Startups:
* Black Chambers of Commerce: Local and national chambers support Black entrepreneurs.
* Black Business Associations: Join local business associations for networking and resources.

Affirmative Action aims to create a more equitable society by addressing historical disparities, but it continues to be a topic of debate
* Alternatives: Some propose class-based affirmative action or socioeconomic factors instead of race-based policies.
* I believe that merit should be the sole criterion for selection

How bout we take race out of it and do it by income class, that seems more fair. And if you don’t like that chew on this mostly white men fought in the Civil War, WW1 & WW2 for your freedom….Reparations paid!!

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