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NJ police trainers face scrutiny after seminar with alleged inappropriate comments, unlawful tactics [Video]

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  • A New Jersey police training seminar conducted by Street Cop included alleged inappropriate content and unlawful tactics.
  • The state comptroller’s report revealed over 100 discriminatory comments captured in videos from the seminar.
  • Street Cop’s founder has denied the report’s allegations, stating that isolated excerpts don’t reflect the overall quality of the company’s education.

A police training seminar in New Jersey included instructors making lewd comments about women, encouraging officers to pull people over for no reason and showing a photo of an ape after talking about pulling over a 75-year-old Black man, according to a new report from the state comptroller.

The six-day seminar in October 2021 was conducted by a New Jersey-based law enforcementtraining company called Street Cop, a privately run firm that bills itself as one of the largest in the country, according to the 43-page report. Some 1,000 officers from around the country, including about 240 from New Jersey, attended the seminar, primarily funded by …

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