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New owners of The Bay State Banner reflect on the legacy of The March on Washington | Basic Black [Video]

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New owners of The Bay State Banner reflect on the legacy of The March on Washington | Basic Black

On the season finale of Basic Black, host Callie Crossley commemorates the 60th anniversary of The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom with the new co-owners of The Bay State Banner, joining her on the panel: Ronald Mitchell, editor and publisher; André Stark, associate publisher; and Glynn Lloyd, executive director, Mill Cities Community Investments.

Episode Chapters:
0:00 Show opening theme.
0:19 Show topic: The March on Washington and The Bay State Banner
1:20 Callie introduces panelists
1:50 Callie asks each panelist about the meaning of the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington
3:55 Callie references the number of Black-owned newspapers in the U.S.
4:30 Ron talks about the significance of ownership in Black media.
5:20 André see The Bay State Banner as vital resource for the Black community.
6:30 Glynn discusses how he helped in the acquisition of The Bay State Banner.
7:43 Glynn defines how the deal incorporated debt and equity.
8:20 Ron reflects on his impressions in acquiring The Bay State Banner.
10:50 André shares his driving force in acquiring the newspaper.
12:00 Glynn talks about how this was more than a nostalgic investment.
13:34 Ron shares how their vision will be to balance print and digital publications.
15:00 André talks about the new Black business directory on the website.
15:46 Ron and André share how Mel Miller knew of their personal connections.
17:10 Glynn discusses the significance of businesses being Black-owned.
18:15 André remarks on the community response of them as the new owners.
19:08 Ron shares how investors within the Black community came out in support.
20:23 Callie asks what success will look like and will it reflect Mel’s legacy.
23:00 Callie asks each guest what they were feeling when the deal was finalized.
25:33 Callie thanks all the guests, and ends the broadcast portion of the show.
25:45 Show credits roll.
26:46 Digital portion of the post-show opens.
27:00 Callie asks panelists about the Mel Miller tribute event.
30:02 Ron addresses recruiting young professional journalists, reporters, and writers.
31:48 André shares expanding the newsroom and operations with young professional talent.
34:40 Callie asks if these changes will turn-off the newspaper’s existing audience.
35:24 Glynn mentions the newspaper’s new team is cross-generational.
35:57 Ron declares how informed the Boston’s readership and have a standard for their newspaper.
37:10 Callie asks panelists how Black media can benefit from more corporate ad-buy spending.
38:55 Callie asks for last words from guests about the future of the Bay State Banner.

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