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Nātv offers Indigenous cuisines with a modern flair [Video]

Nātv offers Indigenous cuisines with a modern flair

BROKEN ARROW – Growing up, love through food and food in general was an important part of Jacque Siegfried’s life. So much so that she and her husband, Ricky, went into business and opened Nātv, a restaurant that modifies Indigenous cuisines so they fit in a more “modern” setting.

Siegfried has been doing culinary arts for approximately 17 years but has been surrounded by food even before then through her grandmother, grandfather and father’s cooking.

“Eventually, I was like, ‘I want to open my own (restaurant).’ And my husband was like, ‘well, what food speaks to you? What’s going to make your heart happy.”’ And I was like, ‘Native American food,’” Siegfried, Nātv’s executive chef, said. “I’ve wanted a Native American restaurant since I was very, very young, about six (or) seven. I wanted to be able to bring that to a community where I seen that it was kind of lacking.”

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