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My New Business Launch! Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach [Video]

My New Business Launch! Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach

I’m excited to share the launch of my diversity, equity and inclusion coaching and consulting company. Checkout the video and overview.

With 20+ years of real-life experience as a Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Executive I have witnessed the shifting of corporate DEI priorities where within the last few years the demands of the job have been elevated, new people were thrust into DEI roles, and organizations were examining or creating their DEI strategy.

As a DEI Coach, my mission is to partner with diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals to create sustainable strategic initiatives while providing personal space for them to discuss the demands of the job while protecting their peace.

The work of DEI is important and so are the people who are serving in that capacity. I am a supporter of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion executives, experienced and new DEI professionals, employee resource groups, advocates, and allies.

I’d love to connect. Please go to to explore how I can assist you and please share with those you know who are in the DEI space.

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