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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Must Try Black Owned Wineries in California [Video]

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Must Try Black Owned Wineries in California

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Out of the many Black owned wineries in California, we have selected a few to highlight.

Links to wineries mentioned in video:
Alexis George: https://alexisgeorgewines.com/
Bass Notes Sangria: https://bassnotesangria.com/
Bodkin Wines: https://www.bodkinwines.com/
Brown Estate: https://www.brownestate.com/
Chalre Wine: https://charleswineco.com/
Charles Woodson’s Intercept Wines: https://cwinterceptwines.com/
Corner 103: https://www.corner103.com/
Darjean Jones Wine: https://www.darjeanjoneswines.com/
Domain Curry: https://domainecurrywine.com/
Earl Stevens Selections: https://earlstevensselections.com/
FLO Wine: https://buyflowine.com/
Free Range Flower Winery: https://www.freerangeflowerwinery.com/#/
Fog Crest Vineyard: https://www.fogcrestvineyard.com/
Indigene Cellars: https://www.indigenecellars.com/
L’Objet Wines: https://www.lobjetwines.com/
Longevity Wines: https://www.longevitywines.com/
LVE Wines: https://lvewines.com/
McBride Sister Collection https://www.mcbridesisters.com/
Okapi: https://okapiwines.com/
P.Harrell Wines: https://www.pharrellwines.com/
Wade Cellars: https://dwadecellars.com/story-1

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