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Mental Health: It Matters in the Workplace! [Video]

Mental Health: It Matters in the Workplace!

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month and we’ll be exploring the connections between mental wellness and diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s episode of Being Inclusive podcast. Hosts Reggie Ponder and Kat Potts are joined by special guest Trisha Carter Global Engagement Leader and Organizational Psychologist, who offers her well-informed perspectives on the clear connections between DEI and mental health to help leaders and employees improve performance and enhance workplace culture.

We all know that bringing our “whole selves” to the workplace is important, but many find that difficult, if not impossible; especially as it relates to mental health issues among many under-represented groups within a workplace—largely because of lingering taboo and stigma associated with the mental wellness. The question is what leaders and organizations can do to foster a more supportive work environment where people can truly shine and do their very best work; while also offering helpful tips on what individuals can do to maintain their mental health, both in and out of the workplace. Watch it now and share with friends and colleagues. Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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