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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

Men’s health resources | Westfield Health [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

Stigma surrounding men’s health still exists, resulting in a lack of awareness and understanding of some of the largely preventable men’s health issues. As our working lives become longer, how can organisations raise awareness around men’s health and create an open and supportive environment?

Watch our webinar for advice from our expert panel on how to create a culture that positively supports men’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.What you’ll learn:

  • The statistics on and challenges around men’s heath.
  • How employers can raise awareness of men’s health issues and create a supportive workplace culture.
  • How to start conversations about mental and physical health.
  • Supporting working dads and implementing inclusive flexible working policies.
  • The power of the workplace: How employers can support and encourage male colleagues to access health and wellbeing services.


  • Professor Robert Copeland, Director, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
  • Cathy Lawson, Independent Workplace Health and Wellbeing Consultant, MHFA Instructor and Coach
  • Jonjo Hancock Fell, Ecommerce and B2C Marketing Manager, Westfield Health

Hosted by:

  • Bradley Smith, Health and Wellbeing …
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