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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Luna’s Cafe in midtown Sacramento changing ownership [Video]

Native American Entrepreneurs

Luna says he was assured the new owners want to keep the idea of the space the same.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — A midtown Sacramento business integral to the arts community is about to go through a big transition. Luna’s Café & Juice Bar is changing ownership.

Luna’s is “old school.” It started in 1983, and some things like the bar, their principles and even their owner have stayed exactly the same.

“We only showed artists Chicano or Mexican or Native American (for the first few years) because galleries locally wouldn’t accept artists of color, saying their art was more folkart. Well, that was BS,” said Art Luna, founder.

He said as a businessperson, he lent his support to everyone.

“We are all in this together. Right now, things are so divisive,” said Luna.

That support is what’s made artists like Christopher Fairman so comfortable. Some artists treat it like their living room.

“It’s a place where artists can …

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