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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Justice Sandra Day O’Connor paved a path for women on the Supreme Court Boston 25 News [Video]

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WASHINGTON — (AP) — One fall day in 2010, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor slipped into the courtroom where she worked for nearly 25 years to take in an “amazing” sight.

The first — and for 12 years, the only — woman on the high court saw three women in black robes among the nine justices.

Recalling that day, O’Connor said she “saw a woman on the far right end of the bench, one on the far left end and one near the middle. That was pretty amazing.”

O’Connor lived to see four women serve at the same time on the Supreme Court. What was once a novelty when she was the first woman to sit on the high court has become almost commonplace.

In a sense, O’Connor was witnessing the culmination of her own journey, in which she struggled to get any legal job after graduating from law school in the 1950s, then …

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