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Invest in Black Businesses – Design Patent [Video]

Black Entrepreneurs

Invest in Black Businesses – Design Patent

Tammy Ty Page (123)

Small businesses are major engines of economic growth. Black Businesses and Minority Women Businesses seem to fall short of that economic growth during and after start-up. African-Americans are the fastest-growing segment of the nation’s small business owners, that literally have to start from ground zero. African-Americans access to angel investors, grants, sba loans, and capital, particularly to loans between $30,000 and $350,000, presents a major obstacle to that growth though.

African-American entrepreneurs denied SBA loans have few good lending alternatives. Most cannot access venture capital or other equity vehicles because their businesses rarely meet investors’ eligibility requirements. While friends and family remain a common source of capital for small business owners, they are less frequently an option in the African-American communities where there is little generational wealth, that’s why I’m going outside the norm.

I am looking for an investor in fashion, entertainment, the league, or someone that is looking for a great investment in minority businesses, that will allow that investor to have a 65/35 (investor majority) split of the design patent or lease until ready to own at a smaller split. The patent was designed for Black Women as a protective means when wearing hats. In doing my research I found cancer patients losing their hair took comfort in the design, along with some men with hair loss found comfort.

I applied for the patent near the mid-2000s for Satin Lined Caps, hats, Hoodies, and more. Naming rights are yours to fit your Brand. #balenciaga #demna #123 #tammytypage

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