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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

Insider Economic UPDATE for 2022 into 2023: Market Tips! [Video]

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Insider Economic UPDATE for 2022 into 2023: Market Tips!

What is the latest economic and fiscal update 2022? The global economic outlook is complex and requires financial expert tips!👉 Book a Call at https://www.cunninghamlegal.com/book-your-appointment/ to create your financial team and advice on generational wealth in a volatile market.

What should Wall Street (and you!) expect for the rest of 2022 into 2023? New guest speaker just announced: Philip Blancato, CEO of Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management, returns to sort through the shifting landscape of the global economy, market fundamentals, Fed actions, recent dramatic shifts, and the impact from Wall Street to Main Street. Phil is respected throughout the industry as a dynamic thought leader who appears frequently on CNBC and is often quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Don’t miss his unique insights and timely guidance! Jim Cunningham is also joined by Lindsey Orta of Ascent Wealth Management.

-Don’t panic about the economy!
-Coronavirus Overview in economic terms
-Market can reverse in the blink of an eye
-Is it better to invest in dollars, euros, or cryptocurrency? (You need to pay attention to how its held–can you put it in a trust?
-US Economy expected to continue to grow in 2022
-Households will continue to spend and drive the economy
-Levels of debt
-Health of the Labor Market
-Inflation will moderate in the second half of 2022
-US Stocks will have an average year
-Corporate earnings will remain resilient
-Returns on fixed income will be challenged in 2022
-No recession likely in 2022 or early 2023
-Credit spreads: High yield and investment grade
-Navigating Market Corrections
-Quality-driven growth

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