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Inclusive Leadership: Navigating Challenges to Ascend [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership: Navigating Challenges to Ascend

How can you and your company excel at attracting, retaining, and promoting top talent, including women of all backgrounds, to drive business growth, well-being, and high-performing teams, despite all the challenges?
You are invited to join award-winning leadership and empowerment experts, Dr. Ginny A. Baro and Ashley T Brundage, who combined possess over 30 years of hands-on leadership experience working in highly competitive financial services and technology environments. Individually, they’ve built collaborative partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and delivered significant results through their leadership development and coaching programs.
As our guests, female leaders, senior DE&I leaders, talent management, and leadership development advocates will gain valuable insights, including:
Why is inclusive leadership important, and what is its role in attracting, promoting, and retaining talented female leaders of all backgrounds?
What are the top barriers for female leaders, i.e., marginalized groups, to ascend in your company?
How can you create opportunities for all driven, high-potential female leaders to thrive and fully contribute?
Participants and influencers in your organization will also benefit by identifying immediate actionable steps and solutions they can implement to influence an inclusive leadership pipeline with top talent and a safe work culture of progress.
Ashley and Dr. Ginny will reveal their proven frameworks for creating a sustainable support structure for all female leaders and top talent. Members of their programs learn new skills to reach their full leadership potential, thrive, build impactful teams, and physiologically safe workplaces, empowering differences, with fearless, self-leadership.

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