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Diversity and Inclusion


🌐 Welcome back to Part 3 of IMPRESS (Imagine Pacific Presentations), where we continue our journey through the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy. In this episode, we focus on practical applications.

🔍 Understanding the Framework: We dive into the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy Accountability Framework, highlighting the crucial role of digital access within the “inclusion” category.

🌟 Empowering Participation: Explore how digital access empowers individuals with disabilities to actively participate in society. It amplifies their voices, enhances communication, and bridges geographical limitations.

📊 Data for Impact: Discover how digital technologies enable efficient data collection, analysis, and dissemination. This is crucial for assessing disability, inclusion, and humanitarian contexts accurately.

🌍 Universal Design and Accessibility: Learn how universal design principles, accessibility, and reasonable accommodation are implemented by the UN to create inclusive digital platforms for everyone.

👋 Closing Thoughts: As we wrap up Part 3 of IMPRESS, remember to like, subscribe, and explore more episodes on the Imagine Pacific Pulse (IMPULSE). Thank you for joining us on this journey of inclusiveness and digital access!

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