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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

Importance of Tools in Digital Marketing with Konstantinos Synodinos | Clockify | EP 01 [Video]

Marketing for Minority Owned Businesses

Importance of Tools in Digital Marketing with Konstantinos Synodinos | Clockify | EP 01

Konstantinos Synodinos is a digital entrepreneur who is the CEO of 2 successful businesses (Champions ID, the first social platform for athletes, and Simply Digital, a full-service digital marketing company). He is a martial arts enthusiast who is a black belt in Kenpo karate. And, he is the leader of a movement of millions of people on social media.

Konstantinos is constantly exploring the world of digital — especially of available tools — and sharing his knowledge with everyone eager to learn and work on themselves.

In this video expert session Konstantinos has shared with us his challenges in digital marketing, how it is important to choose the right tools and work on personal development and mental health.

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00:00 | Intro
00:20 | Athlete background
03:35 | The essence of digital marketing today
05:14 | The first years in digital marketing
08:05 | Tools in digital marketing
09:40 | Targeting audience & why content marketing is the most important thing in digital marketing
12:50 | How pandemic impacted digital marketing
15:33 | How he discovered Clockify
16:48 | Time management and why time is the most valuable asset today
18:47 | What brands need to do today to get through challenges of digital marketing today
21:20 | Digital marketing vs. branding: what’s the difference
23:20 | His biggest challenges in the career
29:10 | Mental health & personal growth
33:10 | How to stand out in digital marketing
35:20 | Future of digital marketing
38:10 | Launch of mobile app and future plans
40:11 | Advice for anyone who is in digital marketing
41:34 | Outro

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