The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
12 Steps to Create Videos

If You Want to Start a Business in 2024, Watch This Interview [Video]

Generational Wealth

If You Want to Start a Business in 2024, Watch This Interview

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00:00:00 – Introduction and the Excitement of Entrepreneurship
00:03:01 – Journey from Zero to Hero
00:05:56 – Entrepreneurship and the T-Shirt Business
00:08:47 – Starting My Own DJ Business
00:11:47 – Starting a Snowboard Shop
00:14:47 – Starting a Business by Solving your Own Problem
00:17:27 – Increasing Your Luck Surface Area
00:20:19 – The Lowest Cost of Failure in Starting a Business
00:23:28 – Shifting towards business owners
00:26:36 – Focusing on SMBs and E-commerce
00:29:41 – Key Business Principles
00:32:55 – Building a Long-term Business with Patience and Generosity
00:36:03 – The Build the Business competition and its impact on growth
00:38:55 – Scaling and Growth Strategies on Shopify
00:41:44 – Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Product
00:44:31 – Authentic Sponsorships and Growth Strategies
00:47:30 – Building Partnerships for Business Growth
00:50:21 – Creating Your Own Affiliate Program
00:53:02 – Making Partners Rich
00:56:10 – Building generational wealth through sharing
00:59:02 – The Power of Vulnerability
01:02:11 – Shopify’s Founders Mentality
01:05:26 – The importance of employee tracks and transparency in communication
01:08:19 – The Importance of Specialization and Teamwork
01:11:07 – Importance of Micromanagement as a Leader
01:13:49 – Alignment and Disagreement in Shopify
01:16:53 – The Changing Landscape of Retail
01:20:03 – Authenticity and Being Yourself
01:22:51 – Authenticity and Connecting with Others in Entrepreneurship
01:25:38 – Find Your Passion and Solve a Problem
01:28:35 – A Fun and Valuable Conversation with Alex

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