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How to Be an Inclusive Leader [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

How to Be an Inclusive Leader

Episode Summary:
You want to be an inclusive leader, but how do you ensure your impact matches your intention?
Inclusivity mutually benefits everyone, yet there are small things you may be doing that get in the way. Learn 3 practical tips on how to lead with a posture of inclusivity that will transform your team’s dynamics and engagement.

Tangible Takeaways:
⭐️ Imagine people walking around with this sign on their forehead that says, “Make me feel important,” and you’ll find yourself naturally being an inclusive leader.
⭐️Be self-aware! Be mindful of your intent and observe if it matches your impact.
⭐️ Ask for feedback and have a posture of receiving it well.
⭐️ Show that you care by first seeking to understand by asking questions and listening. You want to get the other person’s perspective.
⭐️ Give empathy before you give advice. People generally need connection, and most people know what to do! If they want advice, they’ll ask you for it.
⭐️ Be curious! Entertain all new ideas for five minutes – it’s so natural to shoot down ideas that you “know” won’t work or feels too out of left field. ⭐️ Be inclusive by creating a “curious” buffer with your team.

About me:
Karen Laos, Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator, leverages 25 years in the boardroom and speaking on the world’s most coveted stages such as Google and NASA to transform missed opportunities into wins. She is fiercely committed to her mission of eradicating self-doubt in 10 million women by giving them practical strategies to ask for what they want in the boardroom and beyond. She guides corporations and individuals with her tested communication model to generate consistent results through her Leadership Presence Keynote: How to Be an Influential Communicator.

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