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How Blacktail Studio Built a $15K/Month Business [Video]

How Blacktail Studio Built a $15K/Month Business

Cameron Anderson started Blacktail Studio in 2016 with less than $1,000. Now, he’s averaging $15K a month, and his smart use of social media was a big driver of that growth. We’ll learn the strategies and hacks he’s used to build his business in this Blacktail Studio interview.

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Social media isn’t just a part of Cameron’s marketing strategy—he gets all his clients through these channels, and hasn’t paid for social media advertising since a $20 investment early on in the business. Not spending money for ads helps him keep a low overhead, and as a result he sees profit margins as high as 90% on some of his sales.

Blacktail Studio has a particularly strong following on YouTube, with 1.6 million subscribers and more than 10 million views on his most popular videos. Today, he’ll tell us how he built this massive following, as well as how that online community has helped Blacktail Studio grow as a business.

Along with the tables and art pieces Cameron makes in the Blacktail Studio shop, he’s recently added several digital products, including a virtual woodworking workshop and woodworking plans. We’ll find out how he designed these digital offerings and how they’ve impacted his revenue and margins since their launch.

Any creative entrepreneur who wants to diversify their revenue streams and scale their business will want to watch this video! And for woodworking professionals, this behind the scenes Blacktail Studio shop tour will let you see a successful shop in action so you can follow in his footsteps and take your business to the next level.

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Resources: – Learn more about Blacktail Studio on their website – Check out Blacktail Studio’s YouTube channel – Follow Blacktail Studio on Instagram – Learn how to start and grow a business at UpFlip’s Business Hub

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