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Hattiesburg MS Home of Propane & Anhydrous Tank Builder + DCP owner operator Pete 359 Propane Tanker [Video]

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Hattiesburg MS Home of Propane & Anhydrous Tank Builder + DCP owner operator Pete 359 Propane Tanker

Propane keeps us warm. Mississippi Tank Company builds the best propane tanker trailers on the roads today. DCP by First Gear replicated these fantastic tanker trailers in meticulous 1/64th scale detailed diecast metal and matched it with a beautiful Peterbilt 359 in maroon and black.

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Key Moments in this Episode:
0:00 Welcome to Hattiesburg Mississippi
0:37 Mississippi Tank Company Keeps Pressurized Gases Moving
2:28 Bobtails Deliver Propane to Your Home
3:25 Bulk Storage Tanks Keep Mississippi Tank Company Open
4:13 Mississippi Tank Company Transports Roam the Highways
5:27 Do you need a real Transport or to Promote Your Company?
5:55 1:64th Scale Peterbilt 359 with Propane Tanker Trailer by DCP Product Review
12:32 Where I’m Headed Next
12:50 Why is Propane So Popular?
12:32 What to do Next

Hey guys I’ve trucked on down to Hattiesburg Mississippi on this little road trip to see trucking companies that DCP made models of. However, this stop isn’t at the trucking company since it’s an owner/operator rig hauling a Mississippi Tank Company propane tanker trailer. So, I thought I would stop off at Mississippi Tank Company and learn more about the tanker trailer along with why choose propane.

Mississippi Tank Company is a major supplier of custom fabricated pressure vessels for the Petro-Chem Industries. They also fabricate LPG, liquified petroleum gas and NH3 also known as anhydrous ammonia storage tanks and transport trailers.

Mississippi Tank Company dates back to 1945 when they designed and built the first residential LPG storage tanks known as domestic tanks. By 1950 large capacity storage tanks were added to their product line. In 1952 home delivery units known today as bobtails, were added and transport trailers were added in 1953.

By this time, more space was needed so in 1954, land was acquired, and a production facility was built. Incidentally this land houses the present-day location for production. Demand over the years has resulted in many additions to the facility.

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Logan Skeele is the founder of Advantage Diecast. He works with brands to make physical long lasting products to make a lasting impact on customers. These products are constant reminders to the customer of your brand and of the quality they will put keep in their office and show off to other colleagues, keeping your name and logo in front of them every day.

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