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Hartford Promise 2020 – Slide 12 Dr Leslie Torres Rodriguez [Video]

Financial Literacy

Hartford Promise 2020 – Slide 12 Dr Leslie Torres Rodriguez

Hartford Promise 2020 – Slide 12 Dr Leslie Torres Rodriguez

Our Integrated College Success model provides Hartford students the financial resources, support services, and key relationships that lead to college success. 

We work to strengthen Hartford’s college going culture, increase student expectations, increase the number of Hartford students going to and graduating from college, and add to a larger, more qualified, local work force. Our ambitious goals are to expand the educational opportunities for the children of Hartford, and in doing so transform the lives of Hartford students and transform the city of Hartford.

Hartford Promise was founded to address the extremely low percentage of Hartford Public High School students going to and graduating from college (23% in 2015). This lack of higher education success contributes to seemingly intractable problems of poverty, poor health and family instability. Our Integrated College Success Model, based on sound research on college success for low-income first-generation minority students, is the most clear and direct way of addressing and reversing these chronic problems.

No single thing has a greater impact on a young person’s life than a college education.
Research shows that people born into low-income families have a much better chance of escaping poverty if they earn a college degree. Hartford Promise is taking down the financial barriers that limit a student’s choices and giving them the support they need to succeed.

It’s an investment in a promising workforce for Hartford’s future.

Hartford Students REACHING HIGHERHelp Hartford’s Workforce REACH NEW HEIGHTS
Hartford businesses are hungry for movers and shakers.
Motivated, disciplined, talented young people with their eyes on the prize.
You can help enrich the supply.
Hartford Promise is priming the Hartford workforce with a thriving pipeline of achievers.
Hundreds of them.
Your donation will make a monumental difference to Hartford’s vitality.
Our Promise Scholars will pay forward every dollar you give:
in promising careers, commitment to their hometown & by inspiring new generations to Reach Higher.

20% of Hartford Public School Studentsearned the Hartford Promise Scholarship in 2020(up from 13.6% in 2016)


Hartford Promise
750 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103

[email protected]
Phone: 860.956.5310


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