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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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GRAPHIC: Police shoot woman through her apartment door [Video]

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HOUSTON (KPRC) – Police body cam video out of Texas released on Tuesday is shedding light on officers’ near-fatal shooting of a woman.

The incident started when officers were called to an apartment complex in the middle of the night on a suspected intruder call.

After arriving and finding nothing amiss, the deputies were approached by a resident who reported hearing glass break in an upstairs unit.

The woman, who was shot in her own apartment and broke in because she had been locked out, survived and is in stable condition, but the video, which has been edited by police, could be very graphic and disturbing for some viewers.

In the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 3, Harris County, Texas, deputies approached a Houston apartment with guns drawn.

They were flagged down by a resident concerned an intruder had broken into a nearby apartment.

As their body cams show, deputies arrive …

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