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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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From Interviews to Insights: Dr. Kimbro’s Lessons from Black Millionaires [Video]

Black Entrepreneurs

From Interviews to Insights: Dr. Kimbro’s Lessons from Black Millionaires

In this video, I delve into the journey behind my book, sharing insights from over 150 interviews conducted for my first publication, “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.” Inspired by conversations with icons like Ambassador Andrew Young, who emphasized the importance of economic empowerment within the Black community, I embarked on a mission to understand the mindset of Black millionaires in America. This quest led me to engage with individuals like AG Gaston and John H. Johnson, who imparted invaluable wisdom about the relationship between mindset and financial success. Through meticulous research and interviews, I uncovered fascinating insights into the lives and mindsets of Black millionaires, ultimately reshaping our understanding of wealth creation and economic empowerment in the African American community.

As I share my journey from conducting surveys to engaging in focus groups with over 1,000 participants, I highlight the significance of understanding the mindset behind wealth accumulation. Exploring the statistics behind millionaire demographics, I reveal the staggering number of African American millionaires in the United States and underscore the importance of financial literacy and empowerment. Join me as I unravel the secrets to success and delve into the minds of Black millionaires, offering profound insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and wealth creators.

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Dr. Kimbro is a leading Educator, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Expert on Leadership, Wealth, Success, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. As a New York Times Bestseller, Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Trainer, and professor, Dr. Kimbro’s experience is both broad and deep.

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