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Entrepreneur Insider | Black People Organize Too! [Video]

Entrepreneur Insider | Black People Organize Too!

Seirra Hamilton is the owner of Nicely Placed Organizing LLC.

With a love for organizing, Seirra launched Nicely Placed Organizing LLC. so she could share her gift with others.

Her mission is to help people have more time to be the best version of themselves by transforming their spaces into ones that truly reflect their personality and match their current lifestyles.

Seirra believes that organizing your space makes everything easily accessible and cuts back on the time spent finding what you need on any given day. This gives you more time to spend on what’s most important to you!

Seirra Hamilton, owner Nicely Placed Organizing LLC
email: [email protected]

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Food Business Owner interview in Notting hill carnival afro Caribbean and British cultureit is time to support black business owner in the england united kingdom. this interview is in notting hill british culture is full vibe with afro caribbeanCMW also know as Cush media worldwide is media news channel founded in October 2019 as an aim to promote local communities, Youth empowerment and encourages community cohesions across the united kingdom. CMW does this through videos to show different cultures and diversities within Liverpool area Toxteth, Kensington, Wavertree and across the united kingdom etc. . We empower youth to start their own business, music marketing, video production and creativity. this can be about short films, documentaries, talk shows, poetry, music productions, helps models to develop their careers and lyrics writings.#food #businessowner #nottinghill #eastlondon #southlondon #afrocaribbean #african #blackbritish #brits #cmwnews #zonjjy follow us on Instagram tiktok