How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Dr. George C. Fraser | 3 Principles of Success Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt |Happy Entrepreneur [Video]

Generational Wealth

Dr. George C. Fraser | 3 Principles of Success Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt |Happy Entrepreneur

3 Principles of Success Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt feat Dr. George C. Fraser | Happy Entrepreneur Show with Che Brown | The #1 Business Development and Revenue Focused Late Night Show In The Country | Every Weeknight at 11:00 pm Eastern

The mission of the #HappyEntrepreneurShow is to inspire, empower and provide resources for the entrepreneur to live a balanced life and execute their vision for the people they were called to serve.

Who is Dr. George C. Fraser?
Dr. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded 36 years ago to lead a global networking and economic development movement for people of African descent. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he was an orphan and foster child for 15 years. He spent 20 years in leadership positions with Procter & Gamble, United Way and Ford Motor Company before starting his own business, FraserNet Inc. in 1987.

He’s written 7 best-selling books to include: Success Runs in Our Race, Click and most recently, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings, a book he co-authored with Les Brown. Upscale Magazine named him one of the “Top 50 Power Brokers in Black America,” and Black Enterprise magazine called him “Black America’s #1 Networker” and featured him on its cover.

Dr. Fraser has been featured on 8 national magazine covers, He has received over 350 awards and citations to include: Induction into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum, He’s been awarded 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees, a Chaplaincy, and an Ambassadorship. He is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and has an insurance license. In 2002 he founded of the award-winning PowerNetworking Conference
He has been named as one of the “Best Speakers in America” and 5 of his speeches was selected for global distribution by the prestigious Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, a first for any professional speaker in America.

In 2016 President Obama awarded Dr. Fraser “The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award”. In 2022 President Biden awarded Dr. Fraser a second Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Fraser is most proud of the 2 charter schools he helped founded in Cleveland, Ohio nearly 18 years ago which educate nearly 300 inner city Black children of which 60% are boys.

As an Elder, Dr, Fraser has used his massive network and influence to launch in 2019 the first global virtual nation called FraserNation: Citizens of Generational Wealth. The goal is to educate, mobilize and unify people of African descent around, our real history, effective networking, entrepreneurship, and managing our wealth. It is projected by 2030 over one million Black people and allies will be citizens of FraserNation.
Dr. Fraser has joined the national fight for financial education. His organization has already launched 15 WINDS: Wealth Building Centers and Curriculum. Over the next decade, hundreds of new and well-equipped faith-based WINDS Centers will be open (free of charge) to all those who want to teach and/or learn the basics of wealth creation and management.

Who Is Che Brown?
Che Brown is a globally renowned giant in the sales world. He has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential, power and wealth. In just six short years, he has dominated the sales space, coaching thousands of rising business leaders to achieve exponential growth and success in their industries, to the tune of over $400 million and counting. His acclaimed 7-Figure Sales Team concept has forever erased the outdated notion that generating revenue in business is a sole-source game – instead illustrating it is indeed a team sport.

Che lives, breathes and sleeps his craft. He has his fingers on the pulse of profit generation and an instinctual insight into why the heart of a flailing business has stopped. Most importantly, he can resuscitate the flow of revenue in any company with just a whiteboard and a conversation. Che Brown is the CEO of EasySalesHub ( ) scaling businesses to six and seven figures. This all-in-one solution generates leads, qualifies prospects, books appointments, closes deals and frees entrepreneurs to focus on other business needs. Che was named one of the Top 15 entrepreneurs to keep an eye out for across North America in 2021 by USA Today News. Che is the Executive Producer of DocuSeries, Host of the #1 Business Development and Late Night Show In The Country: The Happy Entrepreneur Show ( ), and Founder of Comeback Champion ( ) Main site: Free Gift –

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#HappyEntrepreneurShow #TodayIsMyJanuary1st #ComebackChampionSummit

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