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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?

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Diversity and Inclusion

Steps to be ready for services under the NDIS

The below graphic is an indication of the process that clients and decision makers are currently or will go through, transitioning to receiving services under the NDIS.

*This graphic is a general guide and these steps may be in a different sequence for some clients.

Functional Capacity Assessment

A Functional Capacity Assessment (or FCA) have or will be soon undertaken for those NDIS Participants we work with, who needed one – ready for their planning sessions with the NDIA.

When all relevant client information is shared with the NDIA, they will then request a planning session meeting with clients and decision-makers.

NDIA Planning meeting

During this meeting, client’s goals will be discussed, along with any recent assessment or plans, and any clients’ history that is relevant to their NDIS plan. All this information will be used to finalise their NDIS plan where client’s goals, supports and funding will be identified.

DHS Disability Services are happy to …

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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You