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Design Thinking Mindset Key to Employee Retention and Innovation, Says McLean & Company | News [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

, /PRNewswire/ – McLean & Company, a leading global HR advisory firm, has released Demystify the Design Thinking Mindset, a research-driven training deck designed to help people leaders adopt new human-centered ways of working amid talent shortages in an increasingly competitive labor market.

According to McLean & Company, a culture of diversity and inclusion is a critical business benefit. Without it, organizations lose out on talent, innovation, diversity of thought, and experiences from different backgrounds.

McLean and Company’s research has found that organizations that do not prioritize creating an inclusive environment experience 1.6 times more voluntary turnover than those that do,” says Rebecca Hoke, product manager of Learning Solutions at McLean & Company. “This is especially true over the past two years, as the talent market has seen workers leave organizations to seek employment opportunities that offer better benefits, improved work-life balance, and a more inclusive workplace culture.”

The newly released training deck explains how applying a design thinking …

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