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Culture By Design | The Intersection Between Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

Culture By Design | The Intersection Between Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation

Original Air Date: December 19, 2022

In this episode, Tim and Junior discuss the intersection between diversity, inclusion, and innovation. We need diversity but cannot unlock the benefits of our differences without inclusion. When we have a diverse and inclusive environment innovation follows. Moving from diversity to inclusion is a journey from awareness to action, and many organizations stop at awareness, believing that it will lead to behavioral change. Sustainable behavioral change requires a commitment to psychological safety rather than just compliance to current culture.

Episode Links:

Forbes: How to Bridge from Diversity to Inclusion: https://bit.ly/421whux

Diversity is a Fact, Inclusion is a Choice: https://bit.ly/3nAk54J

What is Psychological Safety: https://bit.ly/3VyfT2g

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation: https://bit.ly/3HAYWhL

What is diversity? (02:02) Diversity is a matter of make-up or the composition of the team. Diversity could refer to gender, neurodiversity, political persuasion, socioeconomic class, or all kinds of elements of cultural heritage. No matter how we look at diversity the composition of the team is a fact.

Why do we want diversity? (04:56) There are two forces a competitive force seeking innovation and a moral force. Those seeking innovation are working in diverse markets on complex problems with complex systems. They seek competitive advantage and understand that diversity is a component of innovation.

Inclusion activates diversity. (08:45) The argument that if we’re diverse, we will be able to innovate better, more effectively, faster. The answer is that’s not true unless you can activate the power of that diversity through inclusion. Inclusion becomes the activator. Inclusion becomes the enabling condition that allows us to harvest that diversity.

The five steps of innovation. (20:56) We all participate in the innovation process, innovation is embedded in everyone’s role. The five steps of innovation are to identify a problem or opportunity, generate ideas, prioritize ideas, experiment with the best idea, and then implement if it is viable.

The three categories of innovation. (23:54) There are three basic categories of innovation; 1) product innovation 2) process innovation and 3) business model innovation.

Why do diversity initiatives fail? (32:02) The traditional approach to move from diversity to inclusion is we start with awareness moving from awareness to understanding, to appreciation of differences. What we have learned is that that doesn’t work. It’s not enough. What we have learned is that you have to jump into behavior at the same time that you are trying to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of differences. Awareness alone will never lead to sustained behavior change.

Bonding and bridging behaviors. (39:51) It’s easier to connect with people who share similar interests and demographics as you do (bonding) but harder to connect with people who don’t. We need to engage in more bridging behaviors with individuals who may not share our similar interests and/or demographics if we are to move from diversity to inclusion.

Personal examples of bridging from Tim’s life. (50:26) Tim shares two examples from his personal life as it relates to bonding and bridging. One example from his time at Oxford and another from his time in Korea.

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