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Create a Positive Impact on Clients | Lead with Excellence – 003 [Video]

Financial Literacy

Create a Positive Impact on Clients | Lead with Excellence – 003

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I sat down with Dondrea Owens, CPA of @theprofittable to discuss how intentional communication plays a role in creating a positive impact on clients. Dondrea shares how she and her team are intentional in their communication with clients so messaging is received well. We also discuss how her role as a financial leader for small businesses isn’t to make the decision for them but to guide them in a way where they’re able to make strategic financial decisions in the moment with confidence.

If you are a leader, whose business is struggling to create meaningful impact with clients, this episode is for you.

Dondrea was a professional accountant at a top national firm when she turned her love for scrapbooking into a profitable wedding invitation side hustle. There she found herself collaborating with and inspired by talented women business owners who, on the surface, seemed to have it all together, but shared one common problem: A lack of confidence in their business finances.

As a fellow business owner with a wealth of financial knowledge, she realized she could bring something to the table to change the game for these women. So she built The Profit Table to provide the financial literacy, strategy, and clarity they need to get their business finances in check and create the future of their dreams.

CFO Day is a single-day intensive in which The Profit Table team, including the principal CFO, accountant, and bookkeeper, assesses your business’s overall Accounting & Finance department and provides actionable strategy. The Profit Table promises to provide you with a Profit Plan that aligns your business goals with your financial expectations and pays you, pays taxes, and grows the business.



06:30 How do you anticipate client needs and reduce the back-and-forth of messages?
12:08 How have you become more comfortable with delegating?
15:00 How to approach employees with constructive criticism with respect and assertiveness?
20:17 As the face of the business, how do you create this transition where clients are confident and working with other members of the team?
25:15 How do you navigate those conversations when clients feel reserved about sharing their financial situation?
30:06 What’s the positive impact on founders/owners of using budgets?


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