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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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College DEI ban passes Alabama Senate [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion
  • A proposal to prohibit diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in higher education and other public institutions has passed the Alabama Senate.
  • The bill’s sponsor, Republican state Sen. Will Barfoot, claims the bill’s intent is “removing wedges.”
  • Republicans argue DEI is a pretext for left-wing ideology.

Alabama lawmakers have advanced legislation aimed at prohibiting universities, schools and public entities from maintaining diversity and inclusion offices or funding initiatives that teach what Republicans labeled as “divisive concepts.”

The multi-pronged proposal is one of dozens of bills introduced by Republican lawmakers across the country that would restrict initiatives on diversity, equity and inclusion, also known as DEI.

Republican opponents say DEI programs are discriminatory and promote left-wing ideology. Democratic supporters say the programs are necessary for ensuring institutions meet the needs of increasingly diverse student populations.


Alabama state senators approved the bill Thursday on a 26-7 vote that broke down along party lines. The approval came after six hours of debate and attempts — …

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