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Certified Women-Owned, Educator, Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur [Video]

Financial Literacy

Certified Women-Owned, Educator, Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur

Welcome to a compelling episode of the “IROC Business With Confidence” podcast, where today’s focus is on mastering the delicate balance between health and wealth management for small business owners. We’re joined by the remarkable Danielle Smith-Brent, a powerhouse in the realms of financial literacy, wellness, real estate investment, and a champion for government certification mentorship for small businesses.

Danielle Smith-Brent, with her unique blend of expertise as a Certified Women-Owned Educator, Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur, delves into the symbiotic relationship between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing wealth—especially crucial for small business owners navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. Beginning her journey in the financial industry in 2014, Danielle’s mission has been to empower individuals to safeguard their assets and pursue wealth accumulation without sacrificing their well-being.

Danielle shares the spark that ignited her journey into the financial industry and how her personal experiences have shaped her career path. Gain insights into how health and wealth management are interconnected for small business owners and the importance of maintaining this balance for long-term success. Discover the transformative power of financial literacy in individuals’ lives, explore common obstacles entrepreneurs face in managing their health and financial well-being simultaneously, and learn strategies to overcome them.

Discussion also includes how a healthy lifestyle influences financial decision-making and wealth accumulation, common misconceptions about insurance and financial planning, key mindset shifts necessary for entrepreneurs to successfully manage their business’s financial health, and invaluable advice for new entrepreneurs focusing on navigating the financial aspects of their business. Danielle also predicts emerging trends and opportunities in finance and health for small business owners and introduces her mentorship program aimed at helping small businesses obtain government certifications.

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Join us as we delve deep with Danielle Smith-Brent on strategies to thrive both personally and professionally by mastering the art of health and wealth management.

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