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Building diverse and inclusive teams: Podcast interview with David Schein [Video]

Building diverse and inclusive teams: Podcast interview with David Schein

Building diverse teams, with the right focus on inclusivity positions you to maximise talents.

Great leaders today understand the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace because of the range of perspectives and broad influences a diverse and inclusive team represents.

On this episode of the Yeukai Business Show podcast David Schein, author of ‘Bad Deal for America’, draws from his 30+ years’ experience advising business owners on HR matters covering Diversity Inclusivity and Equity, to share strategies for building diverse and inclusive teams.

Diversity inclusivity and equity (D E & I) is such an important aspect within leadership and is still undervalued in some organisations, to their detriment.

00:00 Introducing David Schein
05:00 Management & Ethics – learning from Presidents
11:01 Imbalanced inclusivity
15:44 Building inclusive teams
20:50 Diversity in recruitment
24:05 Inclusive cultures
26:02 What works, what doesn’t

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