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Building a Legacy – Skinner’s Florist [Video]

Fred Callahan returned home after serving his country in Vietnam. Unsure of his next move, his godmother stepped in making him the owner of an unlikely business.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In the 1930s, the face of Mid-Westside Jacksonville began to change as segregation barred the Black population from living in many parts of the city.

Durkeeville became the home of Black doctors, lawyers, educators and business people.

Firmly planted along Myrtle Avenue is Skinner’s Florist. Its doors haven’t closed in 74 years.

“I’ve heard rumors where people say we’re closed,” Florence Callahan-Moore said. “We are still here and active. Come by and try us out again. Even though Fred Callahan is gone his spirit is still here.”

His photo is neatly placed for viewing on the wall in a tight space that consumed Fred Callahan’s life and now his legacy inside of the flower shop.

“To me it’s very important that’s …

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Latino Entrepreneurs

Food Business Owner interview in Notting hill carnival afro Caribbean and British culture [Video]

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