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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing

Black Mens Sunday [Video]

Generational Wealth

Black Mens Sunday

Black Men Sundays
This podcast offers professional techniques for building generational wealth and general finance tips aided by weekly guest speakers who are professionals in finance.

Hosted by Corie Murray an Emmy Award Winning News Photojournalist of over 20 years that has covered major trials, hurricanes, and all major news stories happening around the United States and Central Florida. He is a graduate of the FAMU School of Journalism with emphasis on the science of Broadcast Journalism.

Today’s guest former FAMU Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coach Mickey Clayton, drops in to discuss not only wealth tips that has helped him, but with also health tips for Black men. This is a topic Black Men prefer to ignore and chose to sweep under the rug. Well, the time has come so take a listen. He shares his Insiights on life, tells some great stories with FAMU legendary President, and gives some real talk to the Brothers. Tune in now! Black Men Sundays has been recognized as #42 of the top 80 Black Business podcasts. Check out the complete list at

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